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Campgrounds of the LVPOA

Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8:00 AM Central Time on February 1st of the camping season. The camping season is from the first Monday in March and runs through December 31. Reservation forms may be faxed (512-267-9580), emailed ( or taken in person to the Administrative Office located at 20503 Dawn Drive. Members may also use the campground reservation eform available on our web site to make a reservation. Reservation forms emailed or faxed or eforms received before the reservations start time will be processed on February 2 and will not receive preference over those received during the first day of the designated reservation period.

Members may make a reservation for themselves or for a guest. Members may reserve up to 4 sites at a time except during major holidays and events when only 2 sites may be reserved by a Member. Major holidays are Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Members may only hold one major holiday reservation at a time. If the holiday falls during the middle of the week, the reservation will be considered a major holiday reservation beginning the weekend before and running through the holiday. Campers are limited to stays of 14 consecutive days.**

There are currently 39 sites available with water and electrical hook ups but no sewer; a dump station is located near the exit gate. All sites designated as Low-AMP (sites 1-12) are limited to tents and pop-up trailers without air conditioning. Mid-AMP (sites 13-38; except 19, 23, 25, and 39) are limited to trailer/motor homes and pop-ups with air conditioning. The four High-AMP (sites; 19, 23, 25, 39) are strictly limited to those trailer/motor homes requiring 50AMP service. All sites are limited to two sleeping units per site (two tents or an RV with a tent). If you have more than two sleeping units you must reserve a second camp site.

If you choose to come to the Campgrounds without a reservation, you will need to call a Ranger at 512 921-8552 in advance of your arrival for availability and to arrange check-in. You will not be able to enter the campground until you meet with a Ranger and are checked in. Walk-ins are not accepted after 8 p.m. Please be prepared to show a valid ID (driver's license or DPS ID card).

Please note that the use of 30/50 amp electrical adapters into a standard 110 receptacle is strictly prohibited by law and is a violation of the National Electrical Code. Furthermore, extension cords designed to conduct 20 amps may not be used when attempting to run equipment requiring 30 or more amps.

Please note that November 1st through December 31, no water, restrooms, dump station or trash service is available in the Campground. All camping units will need to be self-contained. All applicable fees will remain during this time. The campground is closed during January and February.


Utility Fees apply per site per night and are based on the type of site selected:
Low AMP Sites……....$5.00 per night
Mid AMP Sites….…...$10.00 per night
High AMP Sites………$15.00 per night

In addition to the Utility Fee, a Camping Fee of $10 per site per night will be charged once a Member exceeds 7 camping nights per year. The nightly Camping Fee will also be charged for each additional site reserved by a Member during periods the Member has reserved more than one site.

Cancellation Fees will be charged for reservations cancelled less than three days in advance of the scheduled arrival date, except for cancellation of reservations during major holidays or events, when cancellations must be made 10 days in advance of the scheduled arrival date. No shows will be charged for all nights reserved.

**For information regarding long-term camping, please contact the administration office.

31 (30 AMP)March 6 – December 31
32 (30 AMP)March 6 – December 31
39 (50 AMP)March 6 – December 31
19 (50 AMP)March 6 – May 25 and September 5 – December 31
33 (30 AMP)March 6 – May 25 and September 5 – December 31
34 (30 AMP)March 6 – May 25 and September 5 – December 31

Important Information

Location: 21301 Paseo de Vaca Street

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: 512-267-2895

This site is provided by Lago Vista Property Owners Association